Who would dare challenge Metallica Kirk Hammett’s status as the reigning King of the Crybaby Wah Wah effects pedal, an undisputed title recognized by millions of fans the world over, not to mention Wah manufacturers Dunlop who feature a Kirk Hammett Signature model? 


Last year, the gauntlet was thrown down by a most unlikely challenger... Mrs. Smith! New York City-based philanthropist, emerging guitar goddess, and lover of all cats (and some people), Mrs. Smith has dared to proclaim that she is, in fact, the #1 Abuser of the Wah.


Kirk accepted her challenge, and now these two will finally go head to head (foot to foot?) in a Crybaby Battle Royale for the Ages!

Smith GUCCI 3
Smith GUCCI 2
Miku Wide Final Still
Mrs. Smith & Carlyle!
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