Mrs. Smith is offering private guitars lessons! Topics include:

  • Theory: modes of the major scale, intervals, triads, arpeggios, exotic scales

  • Technique: String noise elimination, bending notes, economy and legato picking, sweep arpeggios, two-handed tapping

  • Creativity: Breaking old habits, bringing more joy and relaxation to your playing, songwriting, music production, social media consultations

Due to the pandemic, Mrs. Smith's fee is on a sliding scale: $55 to $75  based on what’s manageable for the student. The amount paid does not impact the quality of the lesson which are 45 minutes long.

To secure a slot, please follow the instructions below carefully.


First send payment via:


PayPal: Mrs.smith@worldofsmith.com


Venmo: @find-carlyle-1

(If you use PayPal please make sure to “send money to family or friend” so it doesn’t take out a fee.)

After payment, please forward your receipt to mrs.smith@worldofsmith.com to schedule. I have ample availability due to the end of the world.


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